Friday, 11 October 2013

Being a teenager...

Being a teenager means going through just another phase in your life. It certainly has its ups and downs and it feels like being in a roller coaster. It implies dressing in a different way, listening to certain types of music, falling in and out of love, fighting with your parents... and I could go on, but now it's your turn. How does it feel like to be a teenager?


Anonymous said...

Being a teenager sucks, you have to go to school were other teenagers are cruel and very mean. If you are a girl you have to be pretty and almost perfect, and if hangout with boys you know what they call you. You have the feeling that you want to die, some of us go thought depression, some of us cut our own wrists and some of us just commit suicide. Because we suffer everyday the pression of society do be better, to be pretty and you have to study a lot if you want to be somebody, and if you get lost and you don't know who you're anymore there's no one there who can help, because there are no friends anymore, and most of the people don't understand what is to feel sad everyday and they don't understand why we cut ourselves and they call us stupid. And that's why in our day, many of us don't pass the age of 18.
But there is the other side of teenagers "the normal ones" who live only for party and drink, and they are a lot of popular and pretty, but being pretty doesn't last forever and friends don't exist. So why do we live ? That's the big question.

Umbelina Barros Lima said...

Well, Anonymous, whoever you are, some say "life's hard and then you die!" Still, when you are so very young, it makes me wonder what really makes you so unhappy. Don't you think that you deserve a second chance? Don't you think life is a rainbow? Sometimes you have a storm, but the sun also shines and keeps you warm with its embrace. Life is worth living. Those who put you down, don't deserve the tears you shed. They are just weak, poor creatures, who are only satisfied when they see you miserable. Do you think they deserve that prize? Stand up for yourself, be you, and just let it be!

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